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Max Azria’s Sparkling Blue Pool


Fashion designer Max Azria's residence in Los Angeles is located in Holmby Hills, and spreads across three acres, one of the three rich neighborhoods. The home is bordered by Bel-Air and Beverly Hills. It has 22 bathrooms and a chandelier that is two-storey tall. Every piece of furniture and space produces a different ambiance, whether it is a sense of humor or a personal touch. At the entrance hallway, there are theatrical porter’s chairs that add a modern film-star spin on life, while in the bathroom you get to see the transparent swinging Bubble Chair, which is a 60s Eero Aarnio [...]

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HGTV’s 2016 Dream Home


What is the 2016 HGTV Dream Home? This Dream Home is a is a 2-level home on the banks of the Indian River in Merritt Island, Florida. It was refurbished by HGTV to be given away in sweepstakes running from 29th of December (2015) through 18th of February (2016). With the 2016 Dream Home, HGTV's objective was to capitalize on its tropical surroundings and to make a casually stylish paradise, which blurs the lines between the indoor and outdoor areas of the home. Image Source: The end product is a comfortable 3-bathroom home with breathtaking views, a beautiful [...]

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Secret Benefits of Owning a Pool


Remember the last time you swam in a pool. Was it enjoyable? Were you more relaxed? Now imagine having never-ending access to your own. Having a pool comes with several amazing benefits, which are listed below. Good, Clean Fun: For the Whole Family A pool is a wonderful incentive for children to have a great time outside and can help bring out your own inner child. Jumping from the diving board, playing keep-away, engaging in pool noodle wars, splash battles; there are many ways you and your loved ones can enjoy your pool. Increase the value of property Are you aware [...]

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6 Common Pool Care Mistakes to Avoid


If you are thinking about providing your own maintenance for your at-home swimming pool, it is essential to understand what you are doing. It is no surprise that all through your ownership you will make certain pool mistakes when looking after your pool. Everybody does, and it is often not big enough to turn into a huge concern. Your two options are to: A) get a pool maintenance company to provide services or B) do it yourself because without pool care, serious issues could arise. Pools do not simply take care of themselves, we're working on that though! Ask us about automatic [...]

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Why you should consider building a Pool House


You are staring at your outdoor space and swimming pool and pondering, “What can I do to make this area, even more, fun and functional?” We say that building a pool house may be exactly what your outdoor space requires! A pool house can function as an additional living space, for changing into and out of swimsuits, showering (pre and post pool visit) and it can fulfill these roles or even more. It can extend your home's living space and improve the versatility of your outdoor space. Check out this amazing pool house our San Diego branch constructed! Premier Pools [...]

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye’s New House & Pool


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are not just famous for an affluent lifestyle, they're famous, well, for being famous! So, it is only fitting that their mega mansion valued at $20 million will “rival” the extravagance of the lavishness of Jackson‘s Neverland Ranch when their 24 months of massive renovations are done. Kim and Kanye's New $20 Million Estate. Photo Source: The couple is expected to finally move into their luxurious residence in the celebrity neighborhood of Hidden Hills in a couple of months. That will give the social media queen and her husband a break from having [...]

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Building Strength & Relationships in the Pool in Austin


Austin, TX: Let's Workout! Pool workouts offer many benefits, which include a perfect environment to exercise all year round. The weather in Austin presents a great environment to workout in a pool most times of the year! Water buoyancy supports a section of your body weight, which makes it easier to move in the water and enhance your flexibility. The water also offers resistance to movements that help in muscle strengthening. Pool workouts can also improve cardiovascular fitness, agility, and balance. Before you start any pool workout program, always consult your physician or physical therapist to ensure pool workouts are best [...]

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Amazing Accessories for your Maine Hot Tub & Spa


The sole purpose of a hot tub is to sit comfortably and relax in the hot water. However, the entire experience can be improved and made more fun, if there are some accessories included in the hot tub to make things more comfortable and convenient. So, when you are purchasing accessories for your Maine hot tub & spa, it is worth considering the various types and versions of accessories that are available. 4 Accessories for your Maine Hot Tub & Spa A Drink Caddy For your convenience, there are many fascinating accessories for the hot tub. For instance, you may want [...]

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Top 8 Spa Health Benefits in Santa Clarita


Swimming pools are amazing, we are passionate about them, but we can’t forget about spas in Santa Clarita. From their seemingly perfect temperature on a cold night to their amazing health benefits, spas can be an important part of your pool – as well as a standalone centerpiece in your yard. The majority of people in Santa Clarita nowadays are moving at a fast pace in their day to day life keeping at par with the fast-paced world. This leads to lots of stress, which has an effect on both physically and mentally. Therefore, to keep yourself updated in good shape, [...]

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Add a Hot Tub or Spa to Your Pool


Thinking of Adding a Hot Tub or Spa to Your Pool? Adding a hot tub or spa to your existing swimming pool is a great decision. Based on your personality, and lifestyle, installing a one can be smart for a variety of different reasons. They are a great way to get time to yourself, relax and enjoy a night with friends. There are many different types of designs of spas and hot tubs and many locations inside, outside, raised, attached and detached from the pool for both inground and above ground pools. Inground Spas vs Above Ground Spas Above Ground Hot Tubs (Price: $3,000 - $12,000+) [...]

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