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Zaha Hadid Building’s Stunning Indoor Pool


In March 2016, Zaha Hadid, one of the most visionary architects of our time, passed away at 65 years of age. Zaha had a reputation for mind-blowing architecture and design equally matched by her amazing temperament and character. She started her vivacious imagination at the age of 11, and went beyond her stunning object and furniture design and especially in her architectural design. 75 foot Sky Lit Pool Image Source: Throughout her career years, the uncompromising and controversial architect designed award-winning pavilions, condos, museums, and stadiums. In her final years, Zaha Hadid took on a new challenge: designing [...]

Zaha Hadid Building’s Stunning Indoor Pool2017-04-10T21:06:19+00:00

3 Unusual Swimming Pools Around the World


We've seen some unusual and unique swimming pools, but these made our jaws drop! Unusual Swimming Pools: Floating Barge Badeschiff-Germany Photo Credit: Sansculotte On the east harbor section of the River Spree in Berlin, a barge has been reconstructed into a floating swimming pool. This unique pool offers bathers a safe swimming area since the river is too polluted for safe swimming. The Badeschiff is open to the public and the swim season lasts from May to September. Unusual Swimming Pools: Lap Pool Above Shaw House - Canada Patkau Architects – Photographs : Paul Warchol Located on a narrow [...]

3 Unusual Swimming Pools Around the World2016-04-16T23:06:19+00:00

Celebrity Pools – Sylvester Stallone La Quinta


Today we're profiling Sylvester Stallone and his new $4.5 million La Quinta, California mansion. The actor, director of movies such as The Expendables, Rambo, and countless other action flicks has had an illustrious career in cinema dating back to 1976 when he wrote and starred in the academy award winning classic Rocky, the film would be nominated for a total of 9 academy awards and won 3 for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Film Editing. Stallone would be nominated for Best Actor in his first serious dramatic role. Since then he's had enormous success at the box office and with [...]

Celebrity Pools – Sylvester Stallone La Quinta2015-10-05T16:29:16+00:00

Celebrity Pools – Ashton Kutcher Hollywood Hills


Ashton Kutcher's 9,385 square foot contemporary Hollywood Hills home is simply amazing. The "That 70's Show" star had been renting the home at one time for $50,000 a month and pulled the trigger before Justin Beiber who had also had interest in the home. He just had to have it and we know why! The home comes equipped with a luxury swimming pool custom built with one thing in mind - entertainment. As far as celebrity pools go, this one is certainly one of the best. These are luxury features you won't find just anywhere, including: a floating dining area, a [...]

Celebrity Pools – Ashton Kutcher Hollywood Hills2015-09-23T19:36:37+00:00

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