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Max Azria’s Sparkling Blue Pool


Fashion designer Max Azria's residence in Los Angeles is located in Holmby Hills, and spreads across three acres, one of the three rich neighborhoods. The home is bordered by Bel-Air and Beverly Hills. It has 22 bathrooms and a chandelier that is two-storey tall. Every piece of furniture and space produces a different ambiance, whether it is a sense of humor or a personal touch. At the entrance hallway, there are theatrical porter’s chairs that add a modern film-star spin on life, while in the bathroom you get to see the transparent swinging Bubble Chair, which is a 60s Eero Aarnio [...]

Max Azria’s Sparkling Blue Pool2017-04-12T18:08:40+00:00

Zaha Hadid Building’s Stunning Indoor Pool


In March 2016, Zaha Hadid, one of the most visionary architects of our time, passed away at 65 years of age. Zaha had a reputation for mind-blowing architecture and design equally matched by her amazing temperament and character. She started her vivacious imagination at the age of 11, and went beyond her stunning object and furniture design and especially in her architectural design. 75 foot Sky Lit Pool Image Source: 520w28.com Throughout her career years, the uncompromising and controversial architect designed award-winning pavilions, condos, museums, and stadiums. In her final years, Zaha Hadid took on a new challenge: designing [...]

Zaha Hadid Building’s Stunning Indoor Pool2017-04-10T21:06:19+00:00

Kim Kardashian and Kanye’s New House & Pool


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are not just famous for an affluent lifestyle, they're famous, well, for being famous! So, it is only fitting that their mega mansion valued at $20 million will “rival” the extravagance of the lavishness of Jackson‘s Neverland Ranch when their 24 months of massive renovations are done. Kim and Kanye's New $20 Million Estate. Photo Source: www.popsugar.com The couple is expected to finally move into their luxurious residence in the celebrity neighborhood of Hidden Hills in a couple of months. That will give the social media queen and her husband a break from having [...]

Kim Kardashian and Kanye’s New House & Pool2017-03-22T16:42:24+00:00

Lisa Vanderpump’s Beverly Hills Pool


“Real Housewives” star Lisa Vanderpump brought some humor and fun to Bravo (TV) Network's wildly popular and successful reality series earlier this year. The show revolves around the seemingly endless arguments among a group of wealthy (beyond their own good) women in Beverly Hills, California. The other women on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills had some seriously big houses and pools, and Vanderpump's was absolutely no exception. Vanderpump claims she "downsized" but there's no shortage of fabulousness in her new Beverly Hills home and her amazing closet. Let's take a bird's eye view! Beverly Hills is roughly 5, almost 6 miles [...]

Lisa Vanderpump’s Beverly Hills Pool2016-07-07T19:38:20+00:00

Paris Hilton’s Dog Mansion


Paris Hilton’s Dog Has It's Own Mansion With a Pool! Having a mansion for yourself is a typical and understandable thing, but if you’re Paris Hilton you take it one step further and build a $325,000 McMansion for your dogs. She built a two-story, air- conditioned, furniture decorated mansion for her dogs. These dogs live in a house more expensive than millions of Americans do. This pink pet dream as two stories, a downstairs living room and upstairs is the bedroom and closet. The closet holds the dog’s actual clothes that Paris has bought them. Their little mansion is a smaller [...]

Paris Hilton’s Dog Mansion2016-06-20T18:58:50+00:00

Warner Brothers Pool – Animal Kingdom


Premier Pools & Spas recently had the opportunity to work on the backlot of the Warner Brothers studio in Hollywood for the hit show "Animal Kingdom". We were called in to build a pool for the show and delivered a phenomenal looking pool in record time, much to the happiness of the shows producers who were nice enough to give us a rave review on our work. But don't believe us, watch this short clip for yourself. Animal Kingdom is an upcoming American family crime drama television series developed by Jonathan Lisco and directed by John Wells. The Warner Brothers show [...]

Warner Brothers Pool – Animal Kingdom2016-04-26T20:22:26+00:00

Palm Springs – Sinatra’s Piano-Shaped Pool


Frank Sinatra may be gone; however, his stunning estate in Palm Springs, California is still buzzing with energy. The Sinatra House is located in Movie Colony, a Palm Springs neighborhood that consists of approximately two hundred properties. Palm Springs is a popular resort town in California where vacationing and general tourism are immensely popular. These aspects of the economy and culture of Palm Springs are even evident in the fairly residential neighborhood of Movie Colony. As celebrity pools go, Frank Sinatra's is definitely as unique and iconic as Old Blue Eyes himself. Frank Sinatra set the standard for Hollywood homes in [...]

Palm Springs – Sinatra’s Piano-Shaped Pool2016-04-21T21:01:05+00:00

Celebrity Pools – Cher’s Envy Worthy Pool In Malibu, California


Celebrities give us plenty of reasons to envy them, one of which are their insanely luxurious homes. From their spacious living rooms and gourmet kitchens, to their spa-like bathrooms and amazing outdoor amenities, it’s everything that we need to prove that life as a celebrity is as flamboyant they come. One spectacular feature in any celebrity’s outdoor space that generally garners a lot of attention, is their luxurious pool.  Celebrity pools have set new higher standards for luxury pools and outdoor space. Especially those located in warmer temperate climates such as Malibu California. There is always competition among celebrities when it comes [...]

Celebrity Pools – Cher’s Envy Worthy Pool In Malibu, California2016-03-27T20:50:30+00:00

Celebrity Pools – Jennifer Aniston’s Minimalist Pool


We're analyzing Celebrity Pools and today we're profiling Jennifer Aniston. Whether you like her or not, it is quite obvious that Jennifer Aniston is one successful woman. This former Friends star has worked hard to make a name for herself beyond her sitcom roots by branching out into numerous hit box office comedies and romantic comedies. For her celebrated portrayal of Rachel Green on the sitcom Friends, Jennifer Aniston has received numerous nominations and more importantly, she has won both an Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award. She has also received more than a few other awards and allocates for [...]

Celebrity Pools – Jennifer Aniston’s Minimalist Pool2016-03-22T21:02:18+00:00

Celebrity Pools – Ralph Lauren’s Stunning Pools That Rival All Others


Many celebrity pools are lavishly designed with an ambiance that mimics natural waterfalls, ponds, and resort pools. So, when it comes to those in the fashion/design scene, an even higher level of luxury is expected. Fashion designer Ralph Lauren is no exception. While he’s famously known for establishing one of the most globally successful brands, Lauren is also praised for his unique taste in real estate. From his spacious ranch in Colorado; to his smaller apartment in Manhattan; to his mansion in Bedford, New York; and his villa in Jamaica, one thing that is certain is that Lauren knows houses as [...]

Celebrity Pools – Ralph Lauren’s Stunning Pools That Rival All Others2016-03-22T20:52:23+00:00

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