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Record Breaking Heat


Record Breaking Heat There is extreme heat spreading through southern California and south as far as Texas. Potential for record breaking heat in many counties, raising 10-20 degrees throughout the weekend and the beginning of the week. The heat should die down a little bit towards the end of the week. Everyone should be careful and keep an eye on the temperature, also make sure you keep hydrated! The heat should die down 5-10 degrees within the next week. Appliance companies recommend that you result to little electricity use as possible, to refrain from a power outage. Keeping your thermostats to [...]

Record Breaking Heat2017-04-13T19:52:21+00:00

Max Azria’s Sparkling Blue Pool


Fashion designer Max Azria's residence in Los Angeles is located in Holmby Hills, and spreads across three acres, one of the three rich neighborhoods. The home is bordered by Bel-Air and Beverly Hills. It has 22 bathrooms and a chandelier that is two-storey tall. Every piece of furniture and space produces a different ambiance, whether it is a sense of humor or a personal touch. At the entrance hallway, there are theatrical porter’s chairs that add a modern film-star spin on life, while in the bathroom you get to see the transparent swinging Bubble Chair, which is a 60s Eero Aarnio [...]

Max Azria’s Sparkling Blue Pool2017-04-12T18:08:40+00:00

HGTV’s 2016 Dream Home


What is the 2016 HGTV Dream Home? This Dream Home is a is a 2-level home on the banks of the Indian River in Merritt Island, Florida. It was refurbished by HGTV to be given away in sweepstakes running from 29th of December (2015) through 18th of February (2016). With the 2016 Dream Home, HGTV's objective was to capitalize on its tropical surroundings and to make a casually stylish paradise, which blurs the lines between the indoor and outdoor areas of the home. Image Source: hgtv.com The end product is a comfortable 3-bathroom home with breathtaking views, a beautiful [...]

HGTV’s 2016 Dream Home2017-04-10T22:00:09+00:00

Pools with Waterfalls


Waterfalls are now being found at the edges of swimming pools to enhance their overall look. They are built in order that their water falls into the pool, thus resulting in an ongoing water effect with the swimming pool. Small submersible bulbs are positioned strategically at the point where the water just hits the pool, to offer a sparkling effect. Also, you can use colored bulbs to offer different shades to the waterfall. The fundamental necessity for a pool waterfall is certainly the swimming pool. The best way is to build the waterfall when the pool is being constructed, to ensure [...]

Pools with Waterfalls2017-04-10T21:47:17+00:00

Can a Pool Assist in Curing Anxiety?


A lot of people around the globe suffer from anxiety. Actually, anxiety disorders are soaring every day due to the busy life we attempt to live up to, putting more stress on ourselves to make life better. The fact is that the world today has lead to a busy way of life full of anxiety and the more you try and do, the more nervous you may become. You will find that there are no set guidelines to the cause of anxiety; some people tend to be more at risk of this disorder than others and without the help of an [...]

Can a Pool Assist in Curing Anxiety?2017-04-10T21:13:08+00:00

Zaha Hadid Building’s Stunning Indoor Pool


In March 2016, Zaha Hadid, one of the most visionary architects of our time, passed away at 65 years of age. Zaha had a reputation for mind-blowing architecture and design equally matched by her amazing temperament and character. She started her vivacious imagination at the age of 11, and went beyond her stunning object and furniture design and especially in her architectural design. 75 foot Sky Lit Pool Image Source: 520w28.com Throughout her career years, the uncompromising and controversial architect designed award-winning pavilions, condos, museums, and stadiums. In her final years, Zaha Hadid took on a new challenge: designing [...]

Zaha Hadid Building’s Stunning Indoor Pool2017-04-10T21:06:19+00:00

Check out this pool in Phuket, Thailand!


Located on a half acre site, Villa Yin incorporates secluded private spaces, spectacular views, and stylish communal areas. Stunningly embellished with classic Thai antiques and modern art, every space features a character all its own. With the massage room, a wine cellar, high-tech Villa Yin kitchen from Minotti, Italy, winner of Wallpaper Magazine’s Kitchen of the year 2006, home cinema, sauna, pool and much more. Additionally, the villa offers you all you need for your dream vacation. This exotic contemporary villa is the complete package, which combines exquisite interior decoration and contemporary architecture in a breathtaking location. Amazing Contemporary Villa [...]

Check out this pool in Phuket, Thailand!2017-04-03T19:27:47+00:00

Secret Benefits of Owning a Pool


Remember the last time you swam in a pool. Was it enjoyable? Were you more relaxed? Now imagine having never-ending access to your own. Having a pool comes with several amazing benefits, which are listed below. Good, Clean Fun: For the Whole Family A pool is a wonderful incentive for children to have a great time outside and can help bring out your own inner child. Jumping from the diving board, playing keep-away, engaging in pool noodle wars, splash battles; there are many ways you and your loved ones can enjoy your pool. Increase the value of property Are you aware [...]

Secret Benefits of Owning a Pool2017-04-03T19:20:53+00:00

Salt Water Pool Maintenance and FAQ


The salt water pool is getting increasingly popular, since salt is less harsh on elastic (like in bathing suits) and can enhance your skin. Below are a few steps of how you can maintain a salt water pool: 1.  Stage 1 You can test the pool water for PH and Free Chlorine each week. The salt water may be tested by a drop test kit or with test strips. The level of Free Chlorine must be Chlorine 1 to 3 ppm. The chlorine may be adjusted by the output control on the cell or control box. The pH must be maintained [...]

Salt Water Pool Maintenance and FAQ2017-04-03T19:15:00+00:00

7 Top Tips for Pool Care After Rain


A heavy downpour and storm tend to introduce lots of foreign objects into your pool. Rainwater, dust, and debris, all have an effect your pool's water chemistry and can put an additional strain on your equipment. Reduce any potential problems such as excessive filter pressure, algae, or cloudiness with a quick cleanup. Below are steps that will help you have a balanced and clean pool after the rain. 1. Clean the pool At times, rain comes with strong winds, and winds may blow lots of leaves, dust, and other debris in your swimming pool. To start with, skim your pool, and [...]

7 Top Tips for Pool Care After Rain2017-03-30T18:24:19+00:00

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