It does not have to be a difficult thing when it comes to maintaining your pool. If you invest time to keep on top of that you can really have less work to undertake, and you will see your pool last for long and be more fun to you and your loved ones. If you have a swimming pool, you are aware the amount of work it is to maintain it properly. So why not get some help from your kids to care for the pool? If you do, you will right away discover that your tasks around the swimming pool may take you far less time, allowing you to spend more time making the most of your pool than you do having it maintained.

pool care

1. Train them to respect the water

Your kids most likely consider the pool as a water-filled playing field and there is nothing wrong with that. You do want your kids to know about possible pool hazards and to know that they must never swim alone. You do not want them to be afraid of the water; however, you want them to be aware of any potential hazards and the best way to stay safe.

2. Start Slow

Initially, and particularly if you have relatively young kids, begin very slowly. Demonstrate to them the basics of maintaining a clean pool. If the kids are big enough to hold the net, demonstrate to them the way to skim the water surface to take out bugs and leaves, which are floating at the top of the water surface.

As soon as they have perfected that technique, think of showing them the right way to clean the skimmer or you can start and run the vacuum to clean the pool sides also. At the start, concentrate on cleaning the pool and get rid of the dirt they can see.

pool care

3. Remember the swimming lessons

These are one of the finest ways to help assure your young ones have the most enjoyment in the pool. Children particularly must have had some swimming lessons either tutored by a certified trainer or by you, before you take them to the pool area and start demonstrating to them the way to properly work around the pool. You can even search for lessons appropriate for your child’s skill level and age and enroll them. Keep in mind, simply because they have had lessons, still, does not imply they must be left unaccompanied in the pool.

4. Continue their training as they grow

As your little one grows, he/she will be in a position to understand and accomplish more complex duties with regards to pool care. As soon as they are teens, they should be able to totally look after the pool with your watchful eyes.

To start with, educate them about water chemistry and what kind of chemical composition you require in your pool to get the best water quality possible. Teach them the way to test the water and the best way to add chlorine, base or acid to the water so as to maintain good quality of water.

pool care


As soon as they have perfected this skill, you need to get even more detailed as you teach them the way to handle the pumps and filters of your pool’s system and the right way to correctly drain and add water to your swimming pool. Finally, with some practice, they will be capable of totally looking after the pool without you needing to work at all.

5. Provide them with responsibility

As the kids get more accustomed to their pool chores, think of assigning them one of the chores as their own. You can leave it up to them to venture out and skim the pool surface or go outside and have the edges vacuumed. No matter what task they take, show them the number of times it must be done and the things you expect exactly after that allow them to handle it.

Do your kids assist with pool tasks? These tasks are going to lead them down a road toward responsible living when they are grownups!

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